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Our People: Trish Meecham

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Read our interview with Trish Meecham. Trish is client director in Mannaz



Insightful leader, with 16 years experience in corporate talent and development in Asia. A recognised champion for inclusion and gender equity, including seat on a board and mentorship. Professional, polished, adaptable, results focused, relationship oriented, strategic thinker.


What do you do in Mannaz?

Client Director responsible for cultivating and managing client relationships in Asia, based in Hong Kong.


What motivates you?

I like variety and projects that take me outside of a day-to-day routine. I like to think big picture about solutions to issues.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Living abroad in 4 countries has enabled me to adapt to different cultural contexts, and . I think this is hugely important in today’s context.


What mistakes have you learned the most from?

Trying to do too much. I learnt early on, that given my personal drive and ambition, it’s important to temper drive with compassion and self-acceptance.

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