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Future Megatrends Reshaping HR

HR in the age of hyper agility
1 day    |    7,900 krRegister

HR needs to get ahead of the change curve

Did you know that the substance of work is shifting away from “busy work” towards “competitive creativity” and “value work”? That the rhythm of our organisations is changing the 9-5 era, the concept of when work is happening and how we collaborate? And that companies need to accommodate this by reorganising collaborative work into hyper-agile campaigns and upgrading the workplace to “dynamic work spaces” in order to embrace future work activities? These transformations require new ideas and strategic choices from HR so as not to become obsolete or substituted by supply chain, facility management, technology and marketing.

Join us in an intense visionary course where we will explore the 37 trends reshaping the future of HR and develop actionable insights that will future-proof your organisation through an innovative and transformative HR strategy.

Next available date:
Available seats
6.Mar. 2019 - 6.Mar. 2019
1 days
Mannaz - Hørsholm
7,900 kr
ex. VAT

On the course you will gain:

  • Solid insight into megatrends and HR trends and how they will impact your organisation
  • Ideas and examples of how to adapt and innovate HR accordingly
  • Inspiration to develop and prioritise your current HR strategy
  • Opportunity to co-create a HR visionary trend map for your organisation
  • Opportunities to network and exchange ideas and challenges with HR strategy leaders from other companies


Who participates?

This course is for HR consultants, HR business partners, HR managers and leadership consultants who require skills and framework for strategic forward-thinking on a macro level.



What you’ll gain:

  • Solid insight into megatrends and their impact on the future of work, workforce and workplace
  • New ways in which HR may need to be redefined in order to accommodate these transformations
  • The ability to spot and stress-test HR activities from a future strategic perspective
  • Updated HR mindset to incorporate megatrends and futures studies


What your company will gain:

  • World-class inspiration for how to develop radical new ideas and strategies for HR
  • A shift in paradigm - “HR in the age of Hyper-Agility”
  • Identification of its current HR position and new ideas on how to speed up and get in front of the change curve
  • A futuristic mindset implemented in its department in order to incorporate future-proof HR solutions into current and future business challenges
  • Stress-testing and development of your current HR strategies
  • Inspiration on how to develop organisational resilience, agility and responsiveness
  • A strategic forward-thinking business partner
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Time & place


1 day


7,900 kr

ex. VAT
6 Mar. 2019
1 Module
Available seats

The price includes – before, during and after

Before the course

  • A pre-read workshop package from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with 15 Megatrends and 37 industry trends reshaping the future of HR


During the course

  • One full day with catering
  • A range of presentations and workshops facilitated by CIFS´ researchers and consultants with years of global experience


After course

  • Certificate from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS)



Practical completion of the course

You will be participating in engaging and inspirational megatrend presentations, which will provide you with “food for thought”. You will also engage in different workshops and learn and network with like-minded participants from other organisations.




Thomas Geuken

Thomas Geuken has been associated Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies for 11 years and has lead strategic scenario processes in private companies and public organisations all over the world. He is well-known for his energy as a keynote speaker and gentle approach as a learning facilitator. He has a MSc in psychology and will create a safe environment in which participants can learn.